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The importance of branding
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Building a business is hard work. There’s all the tangible stuff to consider - overheads, profit margins, rates, tax laws, staffing considerations. But then there are more intangible things to consider - things like a brand and corporate identity.

A brand is more than colors, a logo, and a motto. Your brand tells the world what you’re about, it shows potential customers what you find essential, and it can make the difference between winning and losing business.

It can also help shape decisions made in the pursuit of profit. Those who place environmental considerations at the forefront of their branding will make sustainable choices - those who prefer to give customers the best service at a premium price will have a different brand.

Social media and the internet mean that people can be exposed to several different brands every day, which places greater importance on being noticed and making a statement instantly - because attention spans are short, and you need to capture it within seconds.

To do this, you should invest. It takes proper time, skill, and patience to create a brand you’re proud of and a brand that communicates your ideas with the world. This will give you control over how people perceive your company, so you really can’t pay enough attention to it.

Here are five more reasons why you should invest in a bespoke logo and brand identity.

1. People will be able to pick you out in a crowded field

It might sound like an obvious thing, but one of the best reasons to spend some money on a good logo and brand identity is to help you stand out in a crowded field. Colors and styles that help you grab people’s attention will allow the public to take note of you - while cohesive branding will make your business look more professional and reliable.

A distinct logo, considered colors, and eye-catching visual elements will help your business stick in the mind of a person who sees it. Even if they aren’t ready to engage your products or services just yet, there’s a much better chance that they’ll come back to you if you’re firmly lodged in the back of their mind.

Furthermore, a great brand name can give you the following benefits:

• It can highlight your unique points and tell the story of how you can best help the customer.
• It can point customers towards the gaps you can fill in or the pain points you can solve in their daily life.
• It can add a human touch to your business.

2. Proper branding builds trust more easily

This might sound a little weird, but branding can really help build trust from your audience. This is one of the most important things you can have as a business - if it’s missing from your offering, you’ll find it harder to get customers.

Think about how you shop around. If you have two businesses that offer a similar product at a similar price, but one is branded and the other is a bit haphazard, you’re going to go with the properly branded one aren’t you?

Branding can help show potential customers that you’re credible, that you’re established and it helps you tell potential customers what they’ll get when they place their money with you. Trust can be built because you can get across your core business values to consumers - proper branding does this. You can already see how investing in branding is exactly that; an investment that can earn its money back in no time.

3. Branding helps to create loyal customers

Brand recognition is great, and it’s what we should work towards, but loyalty amongst customers is really the gold standard. It’s not much harder to recruit new customers than it is to retain ones, so once someone has placed their trust and coin with you, it’s vital to work overtime to get them coming back.

Branding can help here. Good branding can give your business a human touch, which should help customers relate to you on a personal level - rather than just as a transaction. Branding can help you appeal to emotions and help people feel connected to you, all of which should inspire loyalty..

4. Branding helps you stay consistent

Proper branding can help a business stay consistent across all forms of communications. It doesn’t stop with a quick website or logo design - it needs to be deeper than that. Branding can help customers recognise you across all of your channels: website, social media, email marketing and adverts.

Even when you evolve, you need to make sure there’s something in the new look that retains the link to the old - you don’t want to alienate old customers as much as you want to attract new ones.

Here’s a few other things you can do to stay relevant:

• Create an emotional bond between you and the outside world.
• Be on the lookout for ways to stand out from the crowd - either by doing someone new or by taking on a new appearance.
• Don’t pay too much attention to the negative stuff. As long as you’re confident and consistent with messaging, that will blend into the background.

5. Branding is more than a logo

As you can see, branding is far more than just a logo. It speaks volumes about your identity, about who you are, the type of business you are and the types of customer you want to attract.

It can also inspire loyalty in your customers, which is the key to staying successful over a long period of time.

Awareness over a long period of time is also crucial, and that’s where good, consistent brand messages come into play. You can set up a website, social media accounts and a Mailchimp, but if all three things look different and send out different messages to the world, things are going to get confusing for yourself and the customer.

Furthermore, it can boost your visibility and enhance your reputation in your field. A good example is Nike, which is eponymous with excellence across the running shoe field.

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