It’s time to break up with Mailchimp – A new email marketing system is in town.


For years Mailchimp has been the most popular email marketing system in the business world and we have been hostage to its clunky interface and weird pricing structure.

Until Flodesk turned up.

Claiming to be “The world’s most intuitive email builder” we just had to put it to the test and wow were we impressed.

First of all they keep it simple with one price for everything at $38 (use our affiliate link to get 50% off!) which means you can spend your time growing your list and not been beholden to Mailchimp’s “lets get expensive real quick” pricing structure when you get over 2000 subscribers.

Flodesk is both practical and extremely versatile with lots of options in their drag and drop tool. The interface is beautifully designed to be simple and minimalistic but also very powerful. 


They have a great range of modern fonts to use, as well as templates to start from if you don’t want to build your newsletter from scratch.

And thats not it – they have redefined campaign workflows making them easier then ever – but still with all the functionality you would ever need.


If you are struggling with your email marketing system (and even if your not struggling) then we highly recommend you join us in switching to Flodesk!


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