Meet Sarah – The designer behind Creatable.

Hi, I’m Sarah, a 20-something millennial who founded Creatable in 2016.

Meet Sarah 1

What made you want to be a graphic + web designer?

My first experience of design was whilst in high school and I was the editor of our yearbook. I loved the experience from conceptualization to print and was the highlight of my last year of school. After school I did a few photo books for my family but it wasn’t until I met Shaun that I realised that I could make a career out of it. I went on to study graphic design and then learnt web design as I wanted to be able to offer my clients a full range of design services.

What does a graphic + web designer do?

A lot of things! The most common jobs I work on are logo designs, branding elements such as business cards, style guides, color palettes, and typography. I also design websites, mobile applications and a lot of packaging!

How do you stay motivated working at home?

It’s easy. When you really love what you do it doesn’t feel like work. In fact I have to make a conscious effort not to work too much as I can easily work 12 hour days when I am in my creative zone. I also am very lucky in the fact that Shaun works right beside me, so their is no place I would rather be!

When you’re not working what do you do?

I love nothing more than watching a good doco. In particular anything to do with space, tech, and the economy. I also enjoy hanging with our 2 ragdoll cats, gardening, going for walks and working on our artifical intellgence start up Cyte.

Whats the best thing about being a designer?

Design isn’t limited by location. I have clients all over the world from Egypt to London, to the Gold Coast to Colorado. I love that I can work on a huge range of things, for a huge range of people and that every day is different. It’s also a huge bonus that by working at home I can avoid Auckland traffic and have unlimited cups of coffee.

Fun Facts